“Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions.”
— John Maeda.

Customer Engagement

At Clearview Infotech we are experts in customer engagement solutions. Whether you are seeking a POS application, CRM, Invoicing, Project Management or Subscription based system we can help you every step of the way.

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Customer Engagement


Looking for a better way to manage your supply chain? We can help by building a custom solution that integrates with your existing supply chain accounting software so you can pivot faster to the growing needs of your customers.

Automate your business and inventory management with cloud-based custom tools and service that are inventory-centric.


  • MRP Management
  • PLM Management
  • MPS (Master Production Schedule)
  • Quality Control
  • Custom Maintenance Solutions

Human Resources

With the world moving to a remote working environment it is more important than ever to have flexible human resource solutions that meet the needs of your business.

Streamline your business by successfully managing your employees with custom cloud-based solutions specific to your business needs.

Solutions we offer:

  • Recruit Top Talent (Job Board Solutions)
  • Attendance, Time Tracking, Leave Management Solutions
  • Custom Dashboards and Reporting
  • Employee Payroll Solutions
  • Custom Expense Management Solutions
  • Employee Evaluation Solutions
Human Resources

Procurement & Finance

Automate your purchasing workflow with our unique tools to help you manage your inventory every step of the way.


Our unique double entry inventory management allows full traceability from supplier to customer. Scan products in your warehouse using mobile devices, control your dashboards and track orders wherever you are. Nothing is lost, everything is moved.

Easily manage single inventory products or a complex multi-warehouses environment by activating features on demand. Get more work done with less effort with or without barcode scanners

  • Single Inventory Products
  • Complex Multi-warehouse Environment
  • Full Traceability with Double Entry
  • Manage Products With or Without Barcode Scanners
  • Features on Demand
  • Custom Dashboards
Procurement & Finance


Manage multiple companies, currencies, users, journals, and subscription plans with our custom Accounting and Accounts Receivable solutions. With the customer portal, customers can change their plans, order upgrade or downgrade / unsubscribe all through an easy to use interface.

Through our custom solutions you can choose what you would like to manage through a professional interface built for your business.

  • Advanced Access Rights
  • Built in Import-Export Tools
  • Reduce Data Entry
  • Draft Invoice Propositions
  • Upload or download mass data from Excel Sheet
  • On-the-fly Payment Reconciliation
  • Automate payments & letters
  • Collaboration & Alerts
  • Bank Interfaces


We know that invoicing and tracking invoices are crucial to any business. We offer custom solutions that help you manage sales, delivery orders, contracts, time or material, and create professional invoices in seconds.

Learn more about our products Clear Invoice

  • Print or send by email
  • Issue Refund
  • Multi-company rules
  • Handle recurring invoices
  • Manage supplier invoices
  • Include Incoterms
  • Customers payments (Batch Deposits)
  • Customer Statements