Senior Drupal Web Developer

Senior Drupal Web Developer – You will need at least one person that can speak to software development process, employ experience in building websites, and using different approaches to create sustainable websites. This person needs to have experience in:

  • Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 development – module development, theme development, maintenance. Needed for the VEC (Drupal 7), and the ROA (Drupal 8).
  • Wordpress development – module development, theme development, maintenance. Needed for the AFCS 4.0 site, and potentially the new Marcom site.
  • PHP programming experience – all of the above are PHP based, so a good understanding of PHP is required.
  • Experience with JSON feeds and XML porting.
  • All the systems require maintenance on a regular basis. Applications, operating systems, all need tending.
  • System patching
  • AWS – EC2 w/LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP) Systems deployment
  • Security – needs to know FedRAMP directives, needs, etc.
  • MDM experience – must understand MDM and should know Apple Business Manager
  • Domain/Internet asset management – Must know how domain name services work, and how to maintain them.
  • Systems Integrator – with the moves clients are making with Yello and SalesForce, need someone that understands what’s involved with making such a switch. Clients have pushed several times to do things that shouldn’t be done with moving between systems.
  • SalesForce or Yello experience
  • Systems/Data Migration
  • Process Change management


Drupal, PHP, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Wordpress, JSON, XML, AWS
5 - 6 Years